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eBook- A Revolution in the Publishing World

The current market share of connected devices is approx 26 billion; which is expecting an increase to 75.4 billion by 2025 as per source from Statista. In such a large industry of IOT, there is a drastic increase in the number of users accessing content online. Today, there are 2.1 billion smartphone users across the globe, spending their time either accessing or sharing information online. While this has also brought a change in the publishing industry catering to growing numbers of e-readers.
In the United States itself, one-third of all e-book sales on Amazon are already generated by self-published books and Belgium will be no different in the long term. Today, the publishers are focusing on providing digital content in the form of epubs, ebook, XML or HTML catering to growing demand & supply of e-content in the publishing industry.
Every day publishers are upgrading to new technologies and the digital mediums giving a strong stand against market competition. Here are some of the reasons why eBooks are becoming a must-have product for publishers.
Moving towards the digital publication is really an effective strategy to save time in the publishing process. When a publisher launches a print book it requires a minimum time to print and ship the books to market; that is why more and more publishers are moving to eBook saving them time on launching the ebooks in market. There are lot of processes involved in traditional publishing which has been eliminated in the process of digitalization of books helping in cutting down the time significantly.

Cost Effective:
It was very expensive for publishers to print the copies of books and then binding, packaging and distribution across the different location. All these activities were exhausting a big amount of budget of the publisher but moving to eBooks is a big cost-cutting factor because eBooks are the cloud-based product which does not require any packaging or physical distribution, those who want to read their favorite book can directly purchase/download it from the cloud and it helps to cut the extra distribution and packaging cost of the publishers which were a necessary requirement in case of print books. It also does not require any extra space to store or manage as it can be saved in the digital device only, so it saves the warehouse cost also of the publishers.

No more printing required:
It is not required to take a risk to print a big amount of copies of any particular book because it cost additional to publishers but with eBooks; publishers only need to upload the software and can have a clear idea of the demand of the eBook in the market.

Portable and accessible:
The another attributes of eBooks is that it is portable because it does not require any extra space or effort to carry. The user can carry thousands of eBooks along with them with no extra weight and can access them whenever and wherever they want. The user can continue their reading from the last page they left without any extra effort to search for the last read page.

Data Management:
eBooks are easy to manage in a device only and can be shared to anyone from any place, as well as the user can search their required document/file by typing the document name only and it will be presented to the user.
Go green with eBooks:
As per Quora nearly 4 billion trees are cut down each year for papers only, it is approximately 35 percent of the total harvested trees. Now it can be assumed that how much trees can be saved from cutting down if all the publishers move towards the digital publication because eBooks require no paperwork.
Market shares of eBooks in the future:
As per “Hexa research” the global eBook market size was at USD 15.71 billion in 2016 and it is continuously increasing rapidly and the reason behind this drastic hike in market share is due to the availability of digital versions of the traditional books. Most of the companies are continuously increasing digital catalogs for their users.

In the year of 2013, Hachette Book Group launched digital versions of more than 5,000 books for readers worldwide. Source: Hexa research.

It is certain that eBooks will sustain in the future and will go through a long process of change and adaption. It is still in the development phase and no one knows, it’s future but it is certain that it will be nothing like it is today. Therefore Tranistics publishing is providing world class support service to the publisher in converting their print books into various digital formats like eBooks. Along with that we also provide services in editorial, graphic designing, localization and many more. All our services help you to upgrade you with the latest technologies which will help you to give a strong competition to your competitors.

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