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Interactive E-books: What Are They And Why To Choose Them?

The latest advancements in the eBooks creation process allow you to incorporate video, graphics, quizzes and other multimedia. Interactive eBooks are the augmented versions of books that not only provides mental stimulations but also give readers a sensory experience involving sight and sound.

  • Interactive ebook retains the reader’s attention much longer than static ebooks.
  • Combining content with technology; interactive eBooks help you convey your message more clearly.

Interactive eBooks have features like

  • Videos
  • Quiz
  • Checklist
  • Maps
  • Calculators
  • Infographic
  • Animations

By stepping away from the usual one-way experience, Interactive ebook help engaging readers and build interaction with the content. Being a by-product of a traditional book, interactive eBooks come with a cutting-edge technology that helps publishers track leads.

 Is interactive eBooks a new innovation in the field of publishing?

Creating books in interactive formats is a very old process. Over the years, readers have been using colouring books, pop-up books, and traditional storybooks but with recent advancement of technology in the field of publishing interactive content comes in various animation, audio-visual effects and available on various digital devices

With the help of HTML5 and CSS3 standards, interactive eBooks are made into an enhanced eBook which can be very easily customizable this includes embedded video, audio, and enhanced accessibility.

Is it just for kids?

There is no doubt that interactive eBooks are the future of e-learning, but they are not limited to kids. Publishers today are targeting interactive content for adults, while classics like “Sherlock” has been successfully turned into an interactive eBook, and the cookbook “look & cook” is loved by many adults across the world.

Why to choose Interactive eBooks?

Here are the reasons why every 3 in 4 marketers investment in interactive content


Interactive eBooks accelerate engagement level by offering a sensory experience of sight and sound.

Competitive Advantage

Interactive eBooks providing an immersive experience to all readers, this feature lets you set ahead of the competition.


Engaging more than one sense at a time; Interactive eBooks can lead to higher retention and value

Boost Brand Reputation

Increasing the user engagement, Interactive eBooks puts you in the forefront of user attention.

As the content is becoming essential and customer’s attention span is getting shorter publishers are searching for new ways to present their content. This is the reason more than 75% of marketers and publishers choose interactive eBooks over static eBooks.

It’s time you take the plunge by leveraging this new technology and convert those leads into loyal customers.

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