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Four Gorgeous Interactive E-books You Must Read!

The next generation of digital books is here! Modern marketers are investing more on interactive content. It helps to catch user’s retention, give marketers a competitive advantage and boost brand reputation.

Here are some stellar examples of interactive eBooks ever made by companies who are doing it right way.

Do or Die

Do or die is an interactive eBook which deals with Today’s Marketing Challenges.  Kokich interviews the leaders of the best brands around the world about their challenges and triumphs. Readers can follow video links and view case studies of brands like Nike and Virgin America. They can comment on the case studies while discovering what other readers are saying.

Al Gore Our Choice

This new multi-touch interface will let you experience content seamlessly. Al Gore helps you understand the reasons behind global warming and presents insights and solutions that can help stop this disaster. It has features like photographs, interactive graphics, and animations.  You can pick anything from the ebook zoom in the contents and explore data-rich interactive graphics. Al Gore will change the way you read books!

Look & Cook

The main aim of this cookbook is to make cooking easy and enjoyable. Features like step by step photo instructions, HD videos, and voice commands offers you a virtual experience like never before. Additional features include integrated timers, interactive graphics and send-by-email shopping list for 51 master chef recipes!

Sherlock the interactive adventure

You will see interactive eBooks to a whole new light! This eBook is not just about words it is filled with 3D animations which let you be part of the story. With real-life locations, you will also be listening to sounds of horse-drawn buses, squeaks, rattles and wind noises. The 3D animated artwork in the story has been made keeping in mind the photographs and paintings of London in the Victorian age. All these features take you deeper and deeper into the story, giving you the opportunity to directly interact with it.

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