Graphic Design Services

Cover Design

Under this service we examine your project requirements and provide best suitable graphic design and creative art solutions adhering to the industry rules of consistency, theme, style, concision, and audience appropriateness. We select graphic material from wide array of material at our disposal, either made available by our client or pre-supplied electronic art according to client requirement and preference. Other than recreating images specifically, we also make sure that the output is press ready in terms of resolution, color scheme and other factors. The latest software we have at our disposal makes our services relevant for the current demands of the market.

Graphic Illustration/Artwork

Creative visualization of written context and putting it in the form of graphics is an art we excel at. We do illustration work for eminent clients in India, US and UK. They trust us to provide illustrations that voice the precise meaning of their content while adding value to it. Equipped with latest industry developments in software and skills, Tranistics is known for creating designs that are expressive and inventive. We specialise in comic books, Children’s books, 3D visualization, animation, user manuals, recipe books etc.

Image Processing


Photo retouching refers to the process of manipulating photographs in order to slightly change the looks of a subject. This includes basic “fixes”, like erasing pimples or making a ruddy complexion appear even. It is also sometimes called retouching or airbrushing.


Cropping means to remove unwanted areas from an image. This process is one of the basic photo manipulation processes and is performed in order to remove an unwanted subject or irrelevant detail from a photo, change its aspect ratio, or to improve the overall composition.


It is a process of cutting the images by selecting a part and saving it in a new file using Photoshop tools. Image can also be placed on some other background with some more images to make a fine collage.

Photo Editing

Our photo editing service transforms your standard still shot into a slice of life. By straightening, cropping, removing unwanted content, improving light & color and sharpening the image, we raise the visual standard of your content.  We bring the best out of your image and set a high standard for your project’s visual aspects.