Pre Press Services

Page Composition / Typesetting / Pagination

Tranistics has experienced and skilled compositors well versed in using the latest versions of pagination software for digital typesetting and composition of books and journals. We compose books and pages with varying kinds of complexity and can handle books in many publishing file formats.

We have highly developed XML-First workflow in all these composition software, which helps us in delivering XML files seamlessly. We have been supporting our customers to move more titles from non-XML workflow into XML-first approach helping them take advantage of XML features by multiple deliveries from a single source. We have the ability to handle inputs in any of the standard file format, therefore, we become the first choice of many reputed publishers globally.

Data Entry

Outsource your Data Entry Services to Tranistics Publishing Services and receive the benefit of our immense experience in data entry services and data capture solutions. Our insightful and dedicated team for Data Entry has the capacity to process data coming in from various sources offering a one stop shop for data entry solutions. We use OCR (Optimum Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) to capture and digitally index data, providing easily searchable data using simple keyword search technology. These software can scan information from forms, such as order number, invoice number, supplier reference, line description or date et cetera. We examine your business needs and propose a solution to suit your business structure ultimately reducing your operational costs.

Scanning / OCR / Keying

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a process that translates image of text into machine-editable text. We convert hard copy documents into digital, editable text using accurate OCR technology. Using state of the art hardware and software, hard copy documents are turned into a formats (MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Access, TXT, RTF, PDF, HTML, XML etc.), ready for rapid, organised, and simple storage and retrieval.


With a dedicated team filled with experience, equipment and enthusiasm, Tranistics offers the choice of using any of our Print-On-Demand Services to its clients. This fully integrated team specializes in generating high-resolution PDF files for print from hardcopy and application files. Covers are also processed in tune with the customer specifications provided and with emphasis on accurate reproduction of colours. We follow well-defined workflows based on the best practices of industry set for Print-On-Demand procedure.