Accessibility Services

Our Services

  • Writing, editing, and quality control for closed captioning and transcripts.
  • Writing, editing, and quality control of alternative text (both long and short explanations; spanning nearly all subject areas) PPT, Word, and other file types can be created in an ADA-compliant manner while taking into account readability via text-to-speech functionality, composition, layout, and scaffolding, color and contrast, font selections, and other factors.
  • Large print books and documents are designed with larger fonts and increased spacing to make reading easier for people with low vision or visual impairments. This format is often used for books, textbooks, and other printed materials.
  • Review and conversion of different file formats (InDesign, PDF, MS Word, etc.) for WCAG 2.1 compliance
  • Review and correction of web and multimedia accessibility using a range of best web accessibility checkers.
  • We have assisted numerous publishers in converting their print materials and nearly all digital formats, such as Word, PDF, InDesign, QuarkXPress, etc., using Daisy, NIMAS, and Braille Conversions.
  • Our team of qualified auditors will carefully examine your website or web application, find any issues with web accessibility, and make recommendations for fixes.
  • Manually reviewing the source code of your website to look for accessibility issues.
  • Testing for usability by people with impairments to provide a good user experience.

Our Benefits

  • WCAG Testing and WCAG Audits by accessibility experts.
  • The WCAG testing team not only ensures WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1 conformance but also ADA & Section 508 compliance.
  • We specialize in accessibility audit, accessible documents, and accessibility consulting.
  • We provide both automated and manual accessibility solutions for all your accessibility needs.
  • Comprehensive analysis and recommendations reported for a delightful user experience.