Editorial Services


Tranistics Publishing offers copyediting services par excellence. We have expert editors who are known for their critical abilities and power of observation. They refine the document and minutely inspect logical flow, rhetorical inconsistencies, diction, lexical register, rhythm, and colloquialisms. Over the years we have acquired the ability to handle the content of varied genres ranging from children’s book, medical and technical textbooks, recipe books, user manuals, journals etc.

In order to provide optimum quality content to the client, we:

  • Ensure that the overall tone of the text is right in the context
  • Improve the focus and clarity of the writing
  • Ensure consistent and correct use of technical terms
  • Check the flow of language
  • Correct all spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Ensure the consistent and correct use of technical terms

Content Development

The prerequisite of efficient communication for any organization is well-written content and documents. Our learned and highly experienced content developers have proficiency to enhance the writing style, clarity and tone of any received text. They weed-out any error and supervise the development of content whether it be minor adjustments or major rewriting. The motive here is to ensure consistency and resourcefulness of your document through well-researched and easily understandable writing. This service requires skills of developmental editing and a keen knowledge of industry language, we have harnessed both over the years working with eminent International clients.


Tranistics has a team of editors who have set high parameters by delivering quality service within given time. Their expertise affects the quality of your work immensely while preparing it for print. You can rely on us to make sure that your written text serves a purpose in the given ideological framework. Moreover, we make certain that the text has a clear voice, easy to follow the structure and smooth flow of language. Our editors work in multiple languages, various genres, and different sectors. Once your content goes through the desk of our editors, it grows stronger and serves the intended purpose more effectively. We prepare your text in a way that it is at par with international standards of writing and publishing.