About Us

Founded in November 2010, Tranistics Publishing has emerged as a leading service provider for companies within the publishing industry. Our global presence, with offices in Kolkata (India), Delhi (India) and Cluj (Romania) and nearly 150 dedicated professionals, puts Tranistics Publishing in the unique position of understanding and catering to our customers' needs, expectations and demands.
Tranistics Publishing has an expansive portfolio with a wide range of services including Editorial services, Composition services, Illustration and design, ePub conversion, photo permissioning & research, and much more. On an annual basis we convert over 1,200,000 pages into digital formats. Our customer base includes academic & higher education books, journals, interactive audio books, novels, children’s books, cook books, etc.
Tranistics Publishing solutions include context based localization, digital conversion of content, accurate copy-editing, beautifully designed book covers, braille conversions, creatively visualized graphic illustrations, hassle free image processing and much more. As new customers and requirements continue to come on-board, we continue to expand our offerings with additional languages and new services in the realm of print and digital publishing. Tranistics Publishing has grown and evolved into one of the best service providers in the industry and our goal is to continue on this path of providing exceptional experiences for our customers.


  • Over 8 million pages of ePub and XML conversion across multiple languages.
  • Pagination of the journal through a 100 % automated process.
  • Composition for more than 4000 books.
  • Subject-specific editorial assistance.
  • 5 million pages of onsite digitisation across India.
  • Full project management services to more than 15 eminent global publishers.
  • Global presence with offices in India, the US and Europe.
  • Worked for the Danish Library on a huge conversion project.
  • Developed an automated tool for 100% journal page composition.

Languages we currently work with:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bangla
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Danish

Mission & Vision

"Our vision is to transform publishing contents in accordance with today’s digital requirements coupled with technological advancements. This way we help our clients in focusing completely on their core business."