Photo Research and Permissioning

Photo research and permissioning processes have become essential for publishers due to the increasing demand for visually engaging content.  Utilizing a support service provider like Tranistics can significantly decrease your product’s time to market and when our team of creative professionals collaborates to find and make available images that personify your written content, you save valuable time and money.

Tranistics offers a wide range of services including: Visual Research, Photography Assignment, Licensing & Permissioning, Photo Editing, Photo Retouching and Photo Management.

Tranistics resources, in-depth knowledge of laws & rules surrounding photo permissioning and our comprehensive image database allows us to deliver these services to international publishing firms with the highest of quality.  When you work with and associate with Tranistics, you are on the right track for your Image pursuit.

Visual Research

Through the imaginative & analytical process of Visual Research we find Images that compliment your project. These images are from trusted sources, which mitigate any copyright issues and help you create a risk free project.

Photography Assignment

Tranistics’ photo researchers and project managers organize photography assignments with industry leading photographers for projects that demand extremely specific images. Stay ahead of the competition by getting the most out of our project management and Image visualization skills.

Licensing and Permissioning

Image licensing services offered by Tranistics ensures the legal clearance for images and artworks usage.  We assist you throughout the licensing & permissioning process ensuing your use of the image is acceptable and within the scope of agreement.

Photo Retouching

Our photo retouching solutions amplify the persona of your images with processes such as toning, culling, dodge & burn and many more. Retouching is a perfect solution for Images that have the potential to be mesmerizing, but are currently lifeless. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of our graphic artists and their expertise in using advanced tools, we are equipped to handle bulk retouching work in minimum time.

Photo Management

Database overflow can be a major issue for companies and artists.  Optimum utilization of resources requires dedicated management, which can be a stressful and expensive activity.  Tranistics has the solution.  We create and maintain archives of your images & artworks to keep them secure and well organized. Utilizing the latest cloud based technology enables us to make these archives available to you from any location.