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Highlights of Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

Frankfurt Book Fair is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Here are some of the highlights of the biggest book fair in the world.

• Self-Publishing Area
The self-publishing is a platform that brings together aspiring authors, self-published writers and bloggers. An open opportunity to learn about the industry, meet renowned authors and readers from various genres.
Events such as self-marketing, ask the expert and author conferences are few high spots of the event.

• Frankfurt Edu
This new event is a platform for experts and authors to brainstorm innovations in the field of the education industry. Students can avail the opportunity to attend science slams, get free career tips and experience the latest trends in the future of learning. The highlight of this platform will be affairs like education congress, networking sessions and campus weekends.

• Cosplay
From comics, cartoons to graphic novels you can find your favorite character at Frankfurt Book Fair. You have an opportunity to be a part of The German Cosplay Championship and grab exciting prizes.
The event also includes attractions like drawing alley, gaming zone, and a palatial sit back area.

• Artificial Intelligence
Experience the new possibilities that artificial intelligence brings to the publishing industry. Discover technologies which are shaping up the future of this industry.
Attend a panel discussion on topics like Why Chatbots are the future of storytelling and Will computer be the next genius?

• Gourmet Gallery
Food, wine, and books in this gallery is a culmination of all things good! The gourmet gallery aims at promoting the importance of nutrition in our society. It also talks about how over time nutrition has become a cultural identity for people around the world.
You should definitely visit this gallery if you are attending the Frankfurt Book Fair. Some of the activities include show kitchen and gourmet salon.

• Weltempfang
Weltempfang is a joint initiative by Frankfurter Buchmesse and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, a place for open dialogue and political discussions.
This year Weltempfang will be exploring the topic of “Global Citizenship – Democracy and Engagement”. It will also throw light on important topics like feminism and the freedom of the press.

• Frankfurt Audiobook Conference
Audiobooks are a rapidly growing trend around the world, in this segment of the Frankfurt book fair you will be able to dive into the Audiobook markets of the Arab, U.S. and Asia. The theme of this year’s panel discussion is the voice and why we need more voice content to express our art.
Join the 2018 audiobook conference and get insights on the thriving market of the audiobook.

• The Arts+
The Arts+ is a chance to meet some of the finest future talents of the creative and cultural industry. The vision behind this conference is to bring the powers of the most creative minds in the industry and create a networking event like no other, it aims at creating a cultural ecosystem for the future. Frankfurt book fair truly believes that the only way to solve world problems is by working together.

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