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Importance of eBook

Due to eBooks portability, reliability and overall economically efficient place in the market, ‘statista’ predicts there will be more than 93.7 billion eBook users by next year. To stay in line with this trend, publishers worldwide are turning to experts who specialize in the creation of digital content such as eBook/ePub/HTML and XML.

The benefits of eBooks as compared to their traditional printed counterpart are highlighted below:

Pricing:Per Quora, the price of an eBook averages $5, whereas a printed book costs in excess of $10.

Availability: eBooks are easily accessible to users with digital devices such as kindle, tablets, smartphones, etc. eBooks can easily be purchased, downloaded and read anytime,anywhere.

Portable: Users can easily carry thousands of books in an eBook reader, tablet or smartphone without any extra weight.

Ease of Use: eBook readers don’t have to worry about where they stopped reading because the technology automatically syncs your last reading place and takes you to that page the next time you open your book.

Eco-friendly: One of the largest benefits of eBooks, which doesn’t garner enough attention is it’s eco-friendliness. Printed books cost the world approximately 8 million trees per year!

Storage: eBooks require very little storage space as compared to printed books. Users can easily carry a library of 1000 eBooks in their hands.

Customizable: Customization is one the major advantages of eBooks. Users can adjust the font, color, size and much more with the touch of a button.

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